Tableau for Beginners

With over 86,000 business customers, Tableau is one of the powerful Data Visualisation tools in the Business Intelligence industry. The company was founded in 2003 but later was acquired by Salesforce in mid-2019. Tableau makes it easier to identify, understand, and highlight trends and patterns by turning data into meaningful insights. In short, it helps people to see and understand data effectively.

Why is Tableau so popular?

  • It is user friendly
  • No prior coding knowledge or experience is required to master the tool
  • It can be integrated with different scripting languages
  • Easy to design mobile-friendly dashboards
  • It can store and process huge amounts of data
  • It helps you to leverage the power of data for better decision making
  • It enables you to design interactive dashboards with ease

Tableau’s product line  

We have divided the products into two categories. One includes the products that support or are related to the development process and the other related to the publishing process. 

  1. Visualization Development products  
  2. Tableau Desktop & Tableau Public (Desktop)
  1. Visualization Publishing products 
  2. Tableau Server, Tableau Reader, Tableau Online, & Tableau Public(Server)

Tableau Certifications 

Check this link for Tableau Certified Courses to become a Tableau certified professional.

Happy Learning!

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