The Why And When Of Amazon QLDB

Amazon QLDB is basically a database for a system of records application where traceability and auditability are a must. QLDB is a fully managed centralized ledger database that provides a transparent, immutable, and cryptographically verifiable transaction log. Quantum means the change has no intermediate state.

QLDB is not decentralized, unlike Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum where all the participants in the network will have the replicated copy of a database. Here, the ledger database is kept centralized and managed by a trusted authority or the company that owns the application.

Advantages of QLDB

The following are the advantages of adopting QLDB to build a centralized database for enterprises:

• Cryptographically verifiable: Data stored in QLDB are hashed and creates a chain of hashed data, this feature brings data trust.

• Immutable and transparent: Data stored in QLDB cannot be edited and data stored in QLDB are kept transparent to relevant parties in the system.

• Highly scalable: QLDB is fast and auto-scaling is available to deal with high demand.

• Easy setup: Just takes a few minutes to provision QLDB.

• High performance: QLDB is centralized in nature so there is no consensus because of which QLDB runs 2 to 3 times faster and performs with low latency.

• Serverless: There is no need to provision the machine; you need to manage the read or write throughput. You can concentrate only on creating an application and all the heavy lifting is managed by AWS.

• Monitoring: With the help of CloudWatch, we can watch key metrics such as read-events, write-events, and storage volume.

• SQL support: QLDB provides SQL-like API to query the ledger.

• Document-oriented data model: It has the flexibility to store structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data. It also supports nested documents which make querying easier.

• ACID property: The transaction will never be executed partially. It's always executed fully or if any steps in a transaction fail then all the previous steps in a transaction are reverted.

With the preceding features, QLDB brings trust for centralized applications.

When to use it?

QLDB is a right fit in a situation where organizations want to maintain a centralized database with immutability and cryptographically verifiable transaction logs. Use cases like HR and Payroll, manufacturing, insurance, retail, supply chain, and transport and logistics are a few examples where QLDB can be used.

Who is using it?

As of April 2020, Accenture, Digital Asset, Realm, Splunk, Heathdirect, Osano, Smaato, Wipro, Zilliant, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, and Klarna are using QLDB.

Hope this article was helpful. 

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