Top 6 Android Apps Written in Kotlin Programming Language

First released in 2016, Kotlin has now become Google's preferred language for Android app development. It is simplicity mixed with power and makes Android app development much easier. Kotlin gained the attention of many programmers soon after Google announced adding Kotlin as an official programming language for Android development at Google I/O 2017.

As per AppBrain, Over 97 Thousand apps available on Google Play Store are written in Kotlin. Kotlin's market share in the "Top Apps" category is close to 64%. 

Here is the list of Android apps written in Kotlin Programming Language


  • Pinterest uses Kotlin in the Android Application Development process.
  • Downloads 6,737,797, Rating 4.6


  • Coursera has used Kotlin to build an online course application on a range of different topics.
  • Downloads - 109,665, Rating - 4.2


  • Atlassian and Trello did a full code conversion of the old codebase using Kotlin.
  • Downloads - 94,129, Rating - 4.4


  • Evernote integrated Kotlin in its Android client.
  • Downloads - 1,564,691, Rating 4.2


  • Uber uses Kotlin for internal tooling processes such as Annotation processors and Gradle plugins.
  • Downloads - 7,055,381, Rating - 3.9


  • Airbnb built MvRx, Android framework that aims to make Android screens easy to write. 
  • Downloads - 969,904, Rating - 4.6

Besides this, Google, Tik Tok, Samsung, LinkedIn & Microsoft Office, and many other apps are also written in Kotlin. 

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