Hans Kokx is a seasoned expert in the field of mobile application development, computer networking, and computer systems security. Driven by a passion for exploring the intersection of app development and computer security, he has become a trusted advisor in the industry.

Mr. Kokx holds degrees in Computer Systems Security and Computer Networking from Washtenaw Community College, where his research focused on the interconnection of computer systems and the security of the data transmitted between them. His work as a network security engineer paved the way for him in software development.

Throughout his career, Mr. Kokx has worked with companies and consumers alike to discover how people use (and often misuse) software. Driven by a passion for better experiences for users, he transitioned his career into software quality assurance, where he learned the economics of building software. His expertise in building high-quality applications that align business objectives with the ever-evolving digital landscape is informed by his time understanding users and helping to deliver bug-free features.

Mr. Kokx is the founder and an active member of the online Flutter community on the Matrix chat protocol, where he contributes to the growth, development, and understanding of Flutter developers’ knowledge of industry standards and best practices. He also volunteers his time as a mentor for aspiring developers, guiding them through the nuances of building applications and troubleshooting any issues which may arise.

In his spare time, Mr. Kokx enjoys traveling and immersing himself in different cultures, always seeking inspiration for new dishes to cook at home. He is also an avid photographer, with some of his works being published in calendars, newspapers, and across the world.