Kalilur Rahman has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration preceded by an Engineering Degree in Computer Science and over 2 decades of experience in software development, testing and management consultancy. Kalilur has been a developer, designer, technical architect, test program manager, delivery unit head, IT Services and Factory Services Head of varying complexity across telecommunications, life sciences, retail and healthcare industries. Kalilur has advised CxO level leaders in market-leading firms for testing, business and technology transformation programs. As a Chapter Chair for Testing Professional organization, SteP-In, Kalilur has helped facilitate two international software conferences on software testing. Kalilur is a firm Believer in “Knowledge is Power” and is passionate about writing and sharing his knowledge. Kalilur is an active member of various technical and professional forums and has contributed to internal improvement initiatives in the organizations he worked. Kalilur varied interests include technology, testing in the digital world, artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevOps, continuous delivery, agile, mobility, IoT, and analytics. He is a regular contributor at LinkedIn – a site for professionals – and has over 800,000+ followers. He has published over 150 articles across LinkedIn, DevOps.Com, Qrius, Testing Experience and Artha Magazines.  Kalilur is also an active quizzing enthusiast who participates in and contributes to corporate level quizzing events at competitive and information levels.