Discover the world  and predict the future of Artificial Intelligence 


  • Comprehensive coverage of the topic laying more stress on examples.
  • Engaging content, illustrations/diagrams.
  • Topics are discussed in simple and easy form taking practical examples in each topic.
  • Includes Activities, Worksheet, Check your progress, Quiz to practice.


Book starts with an introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Further it explains Natural Language Processing, and Computer Vision. After this you will get to know about the Smart home and learn to create an interactive story using inklewriter. At the end you will learn about the Sustainable development goals.

Book will help the learner to understand the world of Artificial Intelligence and its application through games, activities thus allowing the learner to learn AI through interactive participation and hand-on activities.

After reading the book, you would be able to:

  •   Understand the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, its applications and its advantages/disadvantages.
  •   Learn about Natural language processing, computer vision and its real life applications.
  •   Know the meaning of Smart Home, its applications and its advantages/disadvantages.
  •     Understand the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


Book focuses on the basics of AI and facilitates learning with the help of real-life examples. Real-life examples of modes of learning have been used while writing the book as to comprehend the thought behind AI and the creation of related applications in its entirety.


The book is intended for anyone looking for a basic concept of Artificial Intelligence or starting to know about Artificial Intelligence. To start with this book, no prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence or related technologies is assumed, it will be helpful for learners to understand the basic concepts of AI using various activities