Know the driving force to pave the path of success for the future generations.


Artificial Intelligence is the driving force which shall pave the path of success for the future generations. Selfdriving cars, Automated task, Robotic gadgets; are  becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. When someone mentions the word “AI”; the first thing that comes to our mind is a visual of a Robot which is capable of  doing amazing things which the humans cannot do.

The book will comprehensively explain the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, its applications and domains. Further, the manifestation of Artificial Intelligence and its real-life applications in today’s world is explained with practical examples in a game based learning mode. The concepts of AI are described by interactive, hands-on activities. Further, the Search and problem solving with AI, Odds and Probability sections are explained while considering the probable contemplations surrounding AI ethics. In last section, the book further explains the concepts of Machine learning, Neural Network and the Societal Implications of AI through gamification activities and the basics of Scratch through gamified platforms and project based activities.


  • Engaging content, illustrations/diagrams
  • Lucid introduction to AI
  • Know the potential considerations surrounding AI
  • Topics are discussed in simple and easy form
  • Includes Activites, Worksheet, Check your progress, Quiz, Projects 


The book will teach the learner the meaning of Artificial Intelligence, its application and Domains in real-life applications. The concept of AI is described by interactive, hands-on activities.


The book is intended for anyone looking for a basic concept of Artificial Intelligence or starting to know about Artificial Intelligence. To start with the book, no prior knowledge of Artificial Intelligence or related technologies is assumed and real life examples of modes of learning have been used while writing the book.