A Comprehensive Beginners Guide to Learn Coding Step by Step


  • Book gives an introduction to Coding and uses a gamified learning approach to make the learning experience more engaging.
  • Topics are discussed in simple and easy form.
  • Includes Activities, Worksheet, Check your Progress, Quiz card, Project.
  • Focuses on creating exposure to ethics of coding.


The book is an Activity-based series explaining coding in Analytical, Logical and Computational way. This series of books is from 1 to 8 classes, and will give the students a strong base in the field of coding, Problem-solving abilities, and beyond! The book is as per the latest National Education Policy (NEP) and introduces the concept of coding from an early age. 

The book starts with a brief introduction to the world of Coding and the opportunities which come across. The concept is explained by interactive, hands-on activities. Further, a brief introduction to Block coding, Algorithm, Flowchart, Pseudocode is given. Then the concept of Variable and Data types has been explained in Block Coding.

Lastly, the book explains the concept of Conditional Statements, Logical Operators, and Loops through activities and basic programming skills. 

Book will help to simplify the coding learning experience by making children to design thinking, logical flow of ideas and apply this across the disciplines. 


The objective is to introduce the concept of coding and computational thinking by using real-life examples and block coding using the MakeCode platform. Students will be able to cognize the concept through gamification activities and learn the basics of programming through the gamified platform.


The book is intended for anyone who wants to learn Coding and to empower themselves with the life skills required to pave their future. It is crafted in such a way that it can develop Logical, Computational and Critical thinking skills. To start with this book, no prior knowledge of Coding is assumed, it will be helpful for learners to understand the basic concept of coding using various activities.