A saga of Love and Medical Research


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Passionately working on developing a new drug for Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) at Onco Labs, Ahmedabad, Revati falls in love with her boss Barve who is already married. Forced to leave Barve she gives birth to his son Siddharth, who returns from the USA to join his father to work on TNBC. RD-6, the new drug promises to be a boon for advanced breast cancer. But awaiting phase II trials the drug is stolen from the strong room of Onco Labs and administered to Soumya, suffering from advanced breast cancer. 

Will Soumya survive a serious adverse effect of RD-6? Will RD-6 see the light of the day and keep its promise as a cure for TNBC?"

“Triple Negative” is a saga of love and medical research.  It’s a refreshing, easy-reading story about a passionate love affair and an illegitimate son, intricately woven on the background of how new anti-cancer drugs are discovered and studied before routine use in cancer patients, and mixed in a heady cocktail of crime and blackmail. The narrative is fast-paced and the characters are bold and realistic.