A quality Textbook on Introduction to Coding for class VI students as per CBSE norms 


  • Based on the guidelines provided by CBSE.
  • Explains the concepts of Coding with proper examples in lucid language.
  • Simple, easy, and understandable language is used to clarify the content.
  • Incorporates a pictorial setup in presenting the content by using tables, charts, graphs, pictures, photographs, etc.
  • Illustrates a good number of ‘Solved Examples on Block Coding’.
  • Activities and Projects have been incorporated for inculcating 21St Century Life Skills, including creativity, innovation, critical thinking, team work, working in a diverse environment, etc.
  • Important concepts are provided as ‘Summary’ at the end of each chapter.
  • Coding Quiz’ section provide an opportunity for learners to test their knowledge in a fun way.
  • Practice Time’ section contains all sorts of questions including HOTS.
  • Factz Funda’ provides additional information related to the content of the chapter.
  • Some Unsolved Projects are provided at the end of chapter to practice the concepts learned in the chapter.
  • Two Annexures providing extra useful information are annexed at the end of the book.


Coding is regarded as a creative activity which is open to all students. Coding helps the students to build computational thinking, develop life skills, like problem solving skills, empathy, critical thinking and exposure to real life situations to solve problems in various fields.

Introduction to Coding (for Class VI) is a textbook cum practical book written as per the guidelines provided by the CBSE. It is an essential textbook fulfilling the requirements of the students in the skill subject Coding (for class VI). It takes the learners through all the essential theoretical concepts of Block coding followed by activities and projects on Coding/Programs. 

This textbook introduces concepts of coding and computational thinking using real life examples and block coding with open source MakeCode platform and gamified learning approach to make learning experience more engaging.

The book is intuitive with practical examples of theoretical concepts and applied exercises. The book has included mini projects that students can work on. Moreover, the book focuses on creating exposure to ethics of coding and promoting empathy and sensitivity among students by activities.

It contains a variety of questions (solved and unsolved) under the heading “Practice Time”. It is written in a lucid language and the content is presented in activity- based mode. The content flow essentially contains concepts clearance through different tables, charts, graphs, pictures, photographs, etc.

A publication dedicated to enhance the technical skills (computing and coding) of the learners and empowering them in essential 21st Century Life Skills including creativity, innovation, critical thinking, team work, working in a diversified environment, etc., through activities and projects. This textbook will also serve all other learners interested in learning Block coding.

Moreover, this book highlights all the necessary topics and subtopics related to the subject according the age group of the learners to make them tech savvy futuristic world citizens. 

It is an honest attempt from the author and publisher to empower the future workforce to acquire coding skills early in their educational phase and build a solid foundation to be industry ready.


  • Concepts of ‘Block Coding’ as per the latest guidelines and syllabus provided by CBSE.
  • Hands on experience with practical aspects of block coding concepts.
  • Tools and techniques for participating in activities, practical and projects actively.
  • Practical experience in preparing block coding/programs for different problems.


This book is meant for Class VI students of CBSE schools and any other learner interested in learning Block Coding.