• AutoCAD Electrical 2019 for Engineers and Designers textbook introduces the reader to AutoCAD Electrical 2019, one of the world’s leading application designed specifically to create and modify electrical control system. In this textbook, the author emphasizes on the new feature and functionality of AutoCAD Electrical 2019 that allow users to create innovative electrical control systems while maintaining the existing workflows. The chapter in this textbook is arranged in a pedagogical sequence that makes it very effective in learning the feature and capabilities of the software.
  • Some of the other salient features of the textbook are as follows:

    Comprehensive textbook: This textbook consists of 13 chapters covering major tools and features of AutoCAD Electrical 2019 such as ladder diagram, Schematic diagrams, Circuit Builder, PLC modules, Point-to-Point wiring diagrams, Panel layouts, Schematic and Panel reports to list a few. Moreover, the text is supported by about 900-line diagram and screen captures to make the concepts easily understandable. 
    Tutorial Approach: The author has adopted the tutorial point-of-view and the learn-by-doing theme in the textbook to guide the readers through the process of generating and modifying electrical-control drawings. 
    Learning Objectives: The first page of every chapter summarizes the topics that are covered in it. 
    Tips and Notes: Additional information is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes. 

    Ladder Diagrams
    Schematic Drawings
    Circuit Builder
    Panel Layouts
    Schematic and Panel Reports
    Parametric and Nonparametric PLC Modules
    Terminal Symbols