There are many issues involving complex computation and adjustments in respect of valuation of stock, Tax element included in stock-in-hand, purchase & consumption of goods from unregistered dealers, inter state sales, purchases & Transfers, import & export, Input Tax Credit adjustments & Carry forward.   People have to consult books on Law as well as Books on Accounting to maintain proper accounts & submit Returns. Often, they use customized or special external applications for Invoicing & Accounting and re-enter the data in their centralised accounting system. This details extra effort, time & cost incurred on duplicate data entry and rectification of errors resulting there from.   TALLY, the most popular accounting software, contains in-built modules to compute & maintain VAT & CST accounts, invoices & statutory Returns.   This book is aimed to give complete solution to Accountants providing important legal provisions on VAT & CST as well as implementation & maintenance of an Integrated invoicing & Accounting system using Tally 9. This will help you to maintain all information centralized without using any other software application.   Part A of the book contains the salient features, important Law & Rules of VAT & CST, in simple language. It explains the main provisions of law regarding charge, realisation, payment of tax submission of returns and maintenance of relevant records, servicing as a guide book on Law and Rules on the relevant subjects.   Part B of the book contains detailed steps of maintaining accounts relating to VAT & CST, Forms Receipts, Issues & Tracking of pending Forms.