We are entering a new millennium. The text-based interfaces on black and white monitors have given way to graphical interfaces on colour monitors. GUI has become the order of the day and Visual C++ the most powerful tool to harness its potential. Using computers is becoming exceedingly simple, whereas programming it is becoming that much more difficult. There are more windows programs being written than you can count. Each utility, each software, each program is in some way sleeker than the other. With Visual C++ Projects you would be able to eye such software with greater confidence. No longer should playing wave files at the press of a key, a button that changes colors, and dialogs whose icon animates surprise you. Because Visual C++ Projects shows you how to incorporate these and many other features into full fledged softwares like screen saver, tip of the day, Bow and arrow, Joker etc. Learning difficult concepts of Visual C++ programming in isolation is one thing, putting them together to come out with something worthwhile is totally different cup of tea. Visual C++ Projects shows you how to achieve this.