This book is Designed to serve as a text book for the undergraduate as well as post graduate students of Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science.


  • Concept of numbers and their accuracy, binary and decimal number system, limitations of floating-point representation.
  • Concept of error and their types, propagation of errors through process graph.
  • Iterative methods for finding the roots of algebraic and transcendental equations with their convergence, methods to solve the set of non-linear equations, methods to obtain complex roots.
  • Concept of matrices, the direct and iterative methods to solve a system of linear algebraic equations.
  • Finite differences, interpolation and extrapolation methods, cubic spline, the concept of curve fitting.
  • Differentiation and integration methods.
  • The solution of ordinary and partial differential equations
 Salient Features 
  • Chapters include objectives, learning outcomes, multiple-choice questions, exercises for practice and solutions.
  • Programs are written in C Language for Numerical methods.
  • Topics are explained with suitable examples.
  • Arrangement (Logical order), clarity, detailed presentation and explanation of each topic with numerous solved and unsolved examples.
  • Concise but lucid and student-friendly presentation for the derivation of formulas used in various numerical methods.