The book describes asynchronous, synchronous data, multiplexers and data transmission modes in a very simple manner. It also deals with introduction o radio, VHF, Microwave VSAT and satellite communication links.  Data modem, multichannel data communication and pulse code modulation are dealt in detail. Data networks and topology  both logical and physical are described with large number of illustrations and examples for ease of understanding.

Notable Features :  
  • Communication systems and satellite application described in easy to understand the language  
  • A detailed exposition of error correction codes and Hamming code
  • OSI 7-Layer model and data communication protocols effectively illustrated with examples
  • Special features of high-speed modems based on QAM principle described completely
  • Each chapter contains solutions to test paper for practice and self-evaluation
  • Glossary of most frequently used terms provided for ready reference.
  • Comprehensive index included for easy access to numerous terms needed for answering objective questions set in 'A' level examination.