Are you making the most of your Microsoft Office? Whether you’re upgrading to Office 2019 from a previous version or using it for the very first time, Office 2019 in easy steps will take you through the key features so you can be productive straight away. In bite-size chunks, it shows how to:
  • Create reports, newspapers, cards and booklets
  • Calculate and manage your financial matters
  • Perfect your presentations and slideshows 
  • Email, keep in touch and stay organized 
  • Access your notes anywhere on any device 
  • Collaborate with others to work on documents.
This concise guide fully demonstrates the five core Office 2019 and then introduces other useful apps such as Access, OneDrive, and Office Online web apps to show how to get more out of Office. 
Packed with handy tips and time-saving shortcuts, Office 2019 in Easy Steps is a great investment for all Microsoft Office 2019 Users!
Features of IN EASY STEP Books 
  • To spice up your learning highlights something worth remembering, wards your off potential danger!
  • It’s written in plain English, Easy to follow, Fully illustrated  and Fantastic value for money
  • Master the essentials in Easy Steps
  • Perform companion for fast and productive learning
  • Each chapter takes you step-by-step through the functions and users of a program