Insightful & Conceptual Coverage Of Internet & Blockchain Evolution, Bitcoin, Ethereal, Hyper-ledger, R3 Cora, Auxledger, Gdpr, Cybersecurity, Consensus, Mechanisms, Enterprise Applications, Global Developments, Baas Platforms, Disruptions Across Various Countries, Functional Areas Along With Solution Architectures.

Designed To Provide An Insight Into The Blockchain In Depth Concept.

Key Features
  • Book Provide The In Depth And Up To Date Information About The Technology.
  • Learn About Blockchain 1.0 To Blockchain 4.0
  • To Trace And Link The Dna Of Blockchain Paradigm To Real World Entities.
  • To Discuss Comprehensively The Relation Of Blockchain To The Cutting Edge Technologies Today
  • To Discuss The Role Of The Leading Global Technology Organizations In Promoting The Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Focus On The Impact Of Blockchain Technology On The Human Resources Function Through A Comprehensive Case Study.
  • Trace The Origin Of Internet To Blockchain Of The Future & Written Like A Story To Make The Blockchain Concept Well Understood In The Right Perspective And Context Of Digital World’s Challenges
What Will You Learn
  • Learn About Blockchain 1.0 To Blockchain 4.0
  • Daos & Icos-facilitating Entrepreneurship
  • Birth Of Enterprise Blockchain
  • Malware Attacks And The Cyberthreat.
  • Iot, Dmadv, Blockchain As A Service.
Who This Book Is For
This Book Unfolds “blockchain” In Its True Essence With No Prefixes To It. Right Sized For Everyone Who Wants To Hit The First Mile On Blockchain.
This Book Will Surely Be A Treasure For All Those Who Are Eager To Know The Disruptive Impact & Possibilities Of This Amazing Paradigm.