REAL is a complete software in itself. It also enhances the capabilities of Tally, popular and widely used accounting software. You can design document like Enquiry, Quotation, Challan, Invoice and related Day Books in your own way, print them in REAL and transfer the Accounting data related to invoices to Tally and Continue to maintain Account in tally as usual. You get flexibility and strength and strength of both the software without the additional data entry. This book serves the course material of tally & Real Guru courses. These courses have a very high reputation in the market due to their methodical training approach and meticulous skill test. This book will help you to succeed in the test and get you a sure employment for accounting job in a business organization, anywhere in India and abroad. This book contains a goldmine of real-life fully blown case studies describing how to implement REAL in typical trades & practices. You will find several Tips & Tricks that will make you a professional accountant. Your will be able to tackle any accounting problem effectively. The concepts described are equally useful, whether you are using REAL, Tally or any other counting software. You just do not buy a book; you create an eternal friendship with us. You can post your queries in our website. We respond queries raised by the readers and post them in the FAQ section of the website. You also get regular updates about the software, tips etc. You can post your experience of computerization success (and failure) stories. We publish them in our web site and in the next edition of this book.