The Complete Text Book for BCA, B.E., B.Sc.(IT), MCA, MSC(IT) DOEACC \'A7\' paper and other I.T. Related Examinations of the Leading Universities.

This book presents a detailed discussion on Relational database and Traditional database models in easy to understand language. Concepts of DBMS architecture, administration and database design discussed in such a manner that students of all streams can understand this subject very easily. Properties of relational model, concept of keys, integrity rules and standalone query languages are portrayed in a very comprehensive manner to build a strong foundation in relational database system. Structure Query language (SQL), Embedded SQL, relational algebra, tuple relational calculus and domain relational calculus are explained with maximum number of examples as well as with simple and complex specimen queries. A special characteristic of the book is that solved test paper is included at the end of each Chapter. Readers can evaluate their progress easily by solving these questions and comparing with the given answers.