This book is designed to help students on an advanced level or AVCE computing or information and communications technology course to complete a project using Access 2002, 2000 or 97. It will also be useful to students on a wide range of other courses requiring an in-depth knowledge of databases. It covers database design, creating tables, forms and subforms, queries, importing and exporting data to other packages, analysing and processing data, reports and macros.It includes advice on choice of projects and a sample project.  

What lecturers have said about this book:

“I’ve been all over the world and reviewed about 30 of the best-sounding books for access, world and excel but yours are streets ahead.Double the price of your projects books-they are worth it.’   “We have found that these books are an absolutely excellent resource and have saved us so much work.We would like to convey our appreciation to the author.”  


'A' - Level made simple, Structured System Analysis and Design (in Hindi) , DOEACC 'A' Level 2010(  A5-R4