Summary Of The Book

The world of UNIX is vast and there are a number of books available in the market that attempt to help individuals gain knowledge about the subject. However, there are very few, if not none, which enable individuals to assess their understanding of UNIX. Test Your UNIX Skills is one such book for UNIX learners, containing a number of multiple-choice questions and shell program questions, which are beneficial for individuals who want to assess their knowledge of UNIX. At the end of the chapter, the readers are given answers to the questions as well.

Some of the chapters present in Test Your Unix Skills include Processes In Unix, Communication-Unix Style, The Loop Control Structure, System Administration, Shell Miscellany, Shell Programming-The First Step, The Unix File System-Essential Unix Commands, and I/O Redirection and Piping.

In this book, the author also gives detailed explanations of subjects such as Eval, Functions, Trap, and Getopts, which are commonly misinterpreted by most individuals. Overall, this book is highly recommended for students and professionals who desire to better themselves at UNIX.