It provides updated recipes for high-performance applications on Intel platforms. Through simple explanations and examples, four Intel experts show you how to address performance issues with algorithms, memory access, branch prediction, automatic vectorization, SIMD instruction, multiple threads, and floating-point calculations.
Software developers learn how to take advantage of Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel®EM64T), multi-core processing. Hyper-Threading Technology, and Open MP†, and Multimedia extensions. This book guides you through the growing collection of software tools, compiler switches, and coding optimizations, showing you efficient ways to improve the performance of software applications for Intel platforms.

Highlights include

  1. Choosing the right algorithm
  2. Automatic vectorization and hints on how to guide the compiler
  3. Compiler support for multi-threading
  4. The performance impacts of shared L2 and L3 caches
  5. Loop optimizations and when to use the compiler for performance gain.
  6. Use of intrinsics to exploit SIMD technology