This book is a step by step Training manual for learning a very versatile and useful graphics design and drawing program namely Adobe Illustrator CS6.

Chapter 1  Introduces the new features of Illustrator CS6. It also describes the basic elements f the software like Menus, Tools, Screen modes, Preferences etc.,

Chapter 2  Explains how tO work with Drawing and Painting Techniques. It also helps in understanding paths, anchor points, various drawing tools and brushes,

Chapter 3  Introduces basics Objects, Graphs and Symbols. This chapter helps to learn, how to create objects, how to enhance graphs and create effects with the Symbolism tools,

Chapter 4  Deals with Selecting and Editing methods. This chapter explains how to select object and change with the selection tool. The focus of this chapter is modifying individual paths by cutting, combining and adjusting them,

Chapter 5  Describes the working with Color, Gradient and Mesh. It explains how to use Color, Swatches and Stroke panels as well as how to create and edit gradients. It also describes how to change art into meshed lines and how, to add realistic shadows to the objects,

Chapter 6  Covers creating Type tools with various different formatting styles,

Chapter 7 Explains Strokes, designing Creative Strokes and Patterns.

Chapter 8  Deals with the techniques of Transformation and Distortion. It explains how to transform any object scaling, rotating, reflecting, shearing and reshaping it. It also explains Distortion with number of different effects,

Chapter 9  Describes various Blending Techniques, Compound Paths and Masks,

Chapter 10 Describes various effects that you can apply on your artwork to make it stunning,

Chapter 11 Deals with Graphic style 

Chapter 12 Introduces the new version of Illustrator CC and it’s new features in brief.