Unix. Born in the dark and somber portals of Bell Laboratories, it was a dream that one man nurtured and cherished. Like a parent, he reared the infant with compassion and zeal. And as the fledgling grew and spread its wings, it caught the attention of the world. What had begun as a sequel to the failure of MULTICS, became a force to reckon with in the modern world. The scholars raved, the Universities were bowled over, and a golden chapter began in the annals of multi-user computing. Unix had arrived. This book is a journey through the vast expanse of Unix. A tryst with its powerful commands, at both the basic and advanced levels. It also takes a detour into the depths of Borne Shell programming and System Administration. It breaks through the aura of erudition and complexity that Unix is bestowed with. With a lucid explanation of technical concepts and the commands based on them, it seeks to unravel the human face of Unix. With enough landmarks along the way, it's a smooth journey through the Portals of Power