Designing Application with Spring Boot 2 & React JS is divided into three parts. The first part introduces you to the essentials of the Spring Boot 2.2 Framework and you will learn how to create REST APIs and how to secure REST APIs. Part 2 steps behind the front end application development with React JS and discuss React features and its advantages toward the front end application development. Part 3 expands on that by showing how to deploy backend and frontend application the PaaS platform and also will discuss how to deploy application container technologies such as Docker. A step-by-step guide to design and develop intuitive full-stack web applications.

Let us full stack development with Spring Boot and React JS.

Key Features

  • This book has a very specific goal to make developing REST applications easier and focusing on common challenges of the design of the application with best practices.
  • This book is providing practical code examples from real-world experiences.
  • This book is not only about Spring Boot 2.2 and React JS overview but also has an in-depth discussion about adopted REST Architectural pattern and its constraints to create the REST APIs.
  • The book can act as a tool for learning Spring Boot 2.2 and React JS for the first time as well as a guide and reference for those wanting to dig deeper into specific features.
  • This book is also providing deeper information about the Spring Security and JWT token-based authentication for your REST applications.
  • This does not only provide information about to design an application using Spring Boot and React JS but also providing how to deploy your application to the cloud platform (PaaS).
  • Containerization using Docker is another key feature of this book, how to create a Docker image and how to run it.

What Will You Learn

  • Exploring Spring Boot 2.2 new features and essential key components such as Starters, Autoconfiguration, CLI, Actuator.
  • Develop a REST application using Spring Boot 2.2 and DevTools.
  • Exploring Spring Boot Auto Configuration and Customisation.
  • Creating application profiles based on the environments.
  • Learn to configure backend data using JDBC and Spring Data JPA.
  • Learn to configure a DataSource for H2 DB, and also for Maria DB.
  • Learn best practices for designing a REST architecture based application.
  • Creating a REST application using HATEOAS.
  • Consuming REST APIs endpoints with RestTemplate, Traverson, and WebClient.
  • Exploring JWT web token for the RESTful APIs and explores how to secure REST APIs using OAuth2 and Spring security.
  • Creating TESTING module of the Spring Boot application and Unit & Integration testing.
  • Discuss React JS and its components and also discuss React KS features and its advantages and disadvantage.
  • Exploring how to create ReactJS components and how to manage ReactJS component lifecycle.
  • Taking a quick overview of consuming the REST API using the React application.
  • Deploying the application to the Cloud platform (PaaS).
  • Containerization and Deploy using Docker containers

 Who This Book is For
Designing Application with Spring Boot 2.2 & React JS is for all Java developers who want to learn Spring Boot 2.2 and React JS as in the enterprise application. Therefore, enterprise Java developers will find it particularly useful in the understanding of Spring Boot 2.2 and React JS and how to develop a backend RESTful application using the Spring Boot 2.2 and frontend application using React JS framework. They will most fully appreciate the examples presented in this book. Before reading this book, readers should have basic knowledge of core java, spring, servlet, filter, XML, and JavaScript.