The Book Starts With A Brief Introduction To The World Of Artificial Intelligence And The Opportunities Which Come Across. Further, The Manifestation Of Artificial Intelligence And Its Real-life Applications In Today’s World Is Explained. The Concepts Of Ai Are Described By Interactive, Hands-on Activities. Further, The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Sustainable Development Goals, Ai Readiness Skills For Future Job Prospects Are Explained While Considering The Probable Contemplations Surrounding Ai Ethics.
In Last, The Book Explains The Concept Of Neural Network Through Gamification Activities And Basic Programming Skills Through Gamified Platforms. Ai Project Cycle Is Also Explained To Devise Solution-centric Plans For Most Of The Prevalent Problems In Today’s Times.

Know To Implement Smart Ai Systems

Key Features
The Book Gives A Lucid Introduction To The Idea Of Ai.
Build The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence By Experiencing How To Scope A Problem And Make Informed Decisions Based On Data Trends.
The Book Is Insightful For An Academic Understanding Of Ai In The Field Of Technology, Finance, Healthcare, Hr Management, Agriculture.
The Book Gives An Idea About Many New Ai Products And Services Being Released In The Market.
List The Potential Considerations Surrounding Artificial Intelligence Ethics.
Developing Key Competencies Of Innovativeness, Discipline, Social Responsibilities, Communication, And Ethics.

What Will You Learn
The Objective Is To Explain The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence By Formulating Strategies To Design A Model Solution By Using Decision Trees And System Maps. You Will Be Able To Cognize The Concept Of Neural Network Through Gamification Activities And Learn The Basic Programming Skills Through Gamified Platforms.

Who This Book Is For
The Book Is Intended For Anyone Looking For A Basic Concept Of Artificial Intelligence Or Starting To Know About Artificial Intelligence. To Start With This Book, No Prior Knowledge Of Artificial Intelligence Or Related Technologies Is Assumed, It Will Be Helpful For Learners To Understand The Basic Concepts Of Ai Using Various Activities. The Book Will Also Help The Learner Develop And Learn Basic Programming Skills Using Python Language.