This book describes, in easy language, building blocks for a digital computer, number system, digital devices language and architecture of CPU.  Input/ Output devices, Memory Organization are some of the hardware features of a computer which are evolving every day. Concepts behind these systems are covered every day. The concepts behind these systems are covered with a maximum number of the diagram in simple language.   An introduction is given to parallel processing which are advanced methods used in supercomputers.  

Most of these topics are included in the curriculum of BOCA, B.E Courses and also in Diploma courses conducted by Technical Boards of Education. It is hoped that this book will serve the dual purchase - a textbook for all these courses and an extremely useful reference source for experienced electronic and computer professionals.

Features Of book:

  • Combination circuits sequential circuits, register, Counters, etc are explained in detail for building strong fundamentals.
  • Associative Cache and Virtual memory organization from the backbone of computer architecture. All these are explained using illustrative diagrams.
  • Set of questions is added at the end of each chapter
  • Comprehensive index included for easy access to numerous terms need for understanding the subject.