There are huge number of books available that teach HTML, DHTML, Java Script. All of them use code examples. This leads to a really good understanding of programming examples. However, how and where these examples can be used in real life is not addressed by many books.

This is similar to a trainee cook, who knows all the ingredients as well as standard techniques used in cooking, but can not create any dish without the express help from an outside source. It is precisely this issue that this book seeks to address.

The book focuses on the learning of PHP on the Windows platform, but since PHP is platform independent all the code created will also run perfectly on Linux as well. This book addresses the needs of entry level web developers to intermediate to advanced web developers. There's something for most level of web developers in the book's content and on the CD-ROM. There is a whole lot of web stuff on the CD-ROM, which can be used to enhance web skills.