Questioning is an essential device of teaching. The teacher can judge the amount of knowledge acquired by the students through questioning. Question banks help them to prepare for the tests.

This book covers questions and answers from the latest syllabus of Class XII CBSE (083). It demonstrates how to develop the code to solve problems. This book also provides the model question papers, project, practical file questions, and sample case studies

Model question papers will help you get an idea of questions to be asked in the exams; you can use it to check your strengths and weak areas.

This book also covers a sample project that demonstrates how to solve a real-world problem. Practical file questions given in the book will help you to understand the program using coding examples. Case studies given in the book are a real platform that demonstrates the amalgamation of various aspects of problem-solving. 


Best way to Get Ready for Examination


  • Questions are designed to build concepts that will help the students in revising the entire syllabus, irrespective of the question pattern of the exam.
  • It covers the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE.
  • Defines the learning objective based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
  • Answers given are according to the CBSE marking scheme.
  • Covers all the essential concepts from an examination point 


  • Writing code in a pythonic way, not to replicate C++’s style of writing code
  • Syntax of the inbuilt functions 
  • Inbuilt functions to solve problems


This book is intended for the students of CBSE class XII who have opted for the subject Computer Science with Python (083). This book is also helpful for teachers to prepare tests and model test papers.