The book covers the entire syllabus for Module -3; namely, Programming and Problem Solving Through Python Language in a clear and straightforward style. Each concept in the book is illustrated with practical examples, and the tested output of the programs is provided. The book elucidates both basic and advanced topics in “Python” Language.

The book presents a detailed discussion on Programming methodology and Introduction to Python language is described in easy-to-understand language. Different topics such as Control structures, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Functions, File Processing, Modules, and NumPy basics are explained in very easy to understand language. Also, the book contains ample concise and practical example programs.

Also, many solved, and unsolved examples are provided at the end of each chapter. An effort is made to explain all the topics in layman’s language with a large number of illustrations and examples.

Based on NIELIT Revised Syllabus of the Year 2020 for Module 3 (M3-R5), n Syllabus for A3-R5 paper of NIELIT 'A' Level Examination

Key Features
⦁ An ample number of diagrams are used to illustrate the subject matter for easy understanding.
⦁ A set of review questions with answers are added at the end of each chapter.
⦁ A set of solved and unsolved papers are also included to enable the readers to get a feel of the questions likely to be asked in the examination.
⦁ A Lab Exercise is added at the end of each chapter. Also, Let’s Try exercise is added in all the chapters.

What Will You Learn
⦁ Introduction to Programming, Flowcharts and Algorithms to Solve Problems
⦁ Python, Operators, Expressions and Conditional, Iterative Statements
⦁ Strings, List Manipulation, Tuples, Dictionaries, Functions
⦁ File Processing, Scope and Module, NumPy Basics

Who This Book is For
⦁ This book aims at imparting a basic level of IT literacy to computer novices and will help them to learn the practical applications of the concepts.
⦁ Students, Programmers, researchers, and software developers who wish to learn the basics of Python programming language.