What does compliance mean to you? Is it a burden, a box-ticking exercise, or a way to avoid the penalties of non-compliance? Or do you see the opportunities it presents for your business? 

In Compliance by Design, Chong Ee will show you how your organization can benefit from becoming compliant with the relevant national and international standards. You will discover how integrating controls into your processes will improve your security, increase your productivity, save you time and money, and increase your profits. 

Drawing on personal experience and using up-to-date, practical examples, the book considers the elements and principles of controls, and offers strategies to put them in place. It will show you how to:
  • Implement changes that will improve your processes
  • Allay fears and overcome resistance from your stakeholders
  • Integrate controls into your everyday processes
  • Achieve synergy from interconnected processes
  • Assess your priorities and handle conflicting objectives
  • Analyse and manage risks
  • Establish a system of controls that is right for your business
  • Manage your technology to make it work for you.