C is what is the world is breathing today. And book on C are filling book shelves like believers converging on a holy bank. But here’s a pilgrimage that’s a different king if voyage. The C Odyssey .Written in a easy, riveting and readable style, the book touches height that few have reached, and offers insights that nobody has divined.

The C Odyssey is for those who’d like to learn C and for those who have learnt C. Garnished with small programs . followed by in –depth explanations, the journey takes the beginner by the hand.breaking him into the mold, taking him up to a point , and letting him free to explore on his own .The platform covered is wide and diverse. From C under DOS to C under UNIX,Windows, OS/2, and its interfaces with networking and relational databases.

The Odyssey has a seven stop itinerary. Unserialized and distinct, but threaded by thin silken bonds to each other. The saga is a lengthy one. Through lands that have been visited separately before. Speaking the same language from different podiums, they abet an undisrupted flow of thought.    

Odyssey 6:     Windows – The Brave New World -  Graphical User Interface ,or the GUI, is the warm face of computers that users have been attracted to like ants to a sugar bowl. So habituated are we becoming to the GUI –based product occupying computer shelves today.

This volume brings the entire gamut of MS is arsenal out into the open. The essential features of Windows have been cleaned up and elaborated in as much detail as possible. The GUI gets total coverage and the convolutions and contortions that Windows program harbors have been made as smooth and uncomplicated as they possibly could have. From simple programs to harrowing concepts like the timer,Multiple Document Interface,Clip-boards ,Dynamic Data aExchange...the volume touches upon all that Bill Gates ,the visionary envisaged Windows to be.