Book is written in a lucid manner to explain the concepts in details, with adequate emphasis on examples. The intend of this book is to explain and simplify the usage of Excel features and functionalities, with help of examples. Book will enable users in working efficiently and will increase their workplace productivity. It explains:
● Functions for calculations
● Graphing tools
● Pivot tables
● Data analysis tools
● Micro programming
● Add-ins that enable core complex operations.

Simplify the Usage of Excel Features and Functionalities, with the Help of Examples

Key Features
● Basic components of excel, the available menu options and tools, some customizations working with multiple workbooks and worksheets, most frequently used and useful keyboard shortcuts.
● An initial introduction to what are formulas, functions, and their components.
Usage of multiple examples to explain the application in real world scenario.
● Explaining of different chart types available in Excel and how best it can be used for creating different views of data, good graphics, visualizations for dashboards, and so on.
● Different ways and methods to consolidate data, complex analysis, and prediction or forecast based on trends.
● Excel features that help in automating tasks.

What will you learn
● Performing functions with shortcut keys.
● Formulas and functions
● Data visualization with new chart types
● Gantt and Milestone Chart
● Smart Art and Organization Chart
● Putting data in perspective with Pivots
● Complex data analysis using Tool Pak
● Forecasting in Excel
● Mail Merge using Excel
● Macros in Excel
● What is in Excel 2019

Who this book is for
Anyone who wants to learn Excel, do the mundane task easily and quickly, do complex calculations, analysis huge data from internal or external sources, take decisions based on predictions, do forecasting, create plans and charts, monitor dashboards for progress and status, and so on.