Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer. You can learn visual C#.net the easy way through “Collected Computer Programming Problems In Visual C# .Net.This simple book is a hands-on tutorial to Visual C#.net fundamentals, written and suitable more for beginner.Using learn-by-doing approach, each chapter takes you through the steps of developing a real program.By following some simple and practical examples in this book, you will soon be creating your own console and windows-based applications for your corporate and business processing.

What does this book cover ?

  • Contains a complete tutorial from the ground up.
  • Understand how basic Visual C# .NET program works
  • Practice with examples and challenging exercises in each chapter
  • Learn how to design and write program with control structure, functions, file I/O, and simple data search
  • Find out how to program menus and dialog controls through windows based programming
  • designed more toward business, Economics, and Social Science students
  • Explanation in simple English