In this book, Principles, Paradigm frameworks, and Applications of IoT (Internet of Things) in the modern era are presented. It also provides a sound understanding of the IoT concepts, architecture, and applications, and improves the awareness of readers about IoT technologies and application areas. A key objective of this book is to provide a systematic source of reference for all aspects of IoT. This book comprises nine chapters with close co-operation and contributions from four different authors, spanning across four countries and providing a global, broad perspective on major topics on the Internet of Things.


A Systematic Approach to Learn the Principles, Paradigms and Applications of Internet of Things


  • IoT applications in various sectors like Education, Smart City, Politics, Healthcare, Agriculture, etc.
  • Adoption of the IoT technology and strategies for various sectors
  • To present case studies and innovative applications of the IoT
  • To analyze and present the state of the art of the IoT and related technologies and methodologies
  • To propose new models, practical solutions and technological advances of the IoT


  • Become aware of the IoT components, their connectivity to form the IoT altogether, and future possibilities with IoT.
  • Understand how the various components of cloud computing work together to form the basic architecture of cloud computing.
  • Examine the relationship between the various layers in the IoT architecture.
  • Understand the programming framework for the Internet of Things (IoT) and various programming paradigms.

 This book is intended for professionals, researchers, instructors, and designers of a smart system, who will benefit from reading this book.