This book is intended for the professional programmer who wants to learn Python for their place of business, or simply to extend their knowledge. You will learn the basics of the language--from how to define variables and implement looping and conditional constructs, to working with existing code. Once we have established the baseline for writing code in Python, you’ll learn how to create your own functions and classes, how to extend existing code, and how to work with Python-specific things like comprehensions and generators. With a solid foundation, you will then move on to learn about the existing Python libraries, called packages, and how to use them, as well as discovering little tips and tricks that will make you a hit with all the programmers at work, and really aid you in nailing that programming interview.


Learn to be a Python expert in ten easy lessons!

Key Features
  • Acquire knowledge of Python programming simply and easily.
  • Learn about object-oriented programming and how it applies to Python.
  • Make a splash with list comprehensions, generators, and decorators.
  • Learn about file processing with Python, and how it makes JSON easy to deal with.
  • Work with dictionaries and sets quickly and easily.
  • Learn about what others have made available in the Python world.
  • Pick up tricks and tips that will make you look like a Python expert in no time.

What Will You Learn
By the time you have finished this book, you will know enough to write complex Python programs and work with existing Python code. You will find out about the packages that make Python one of the most popular programming languages and will understand the “Pythonic” way of thinking and programming.

Who This Book is For
This book is designed for programmers who have experience in at least one programming language. No prior Python experience is necessary, but it is assumed that you understand the basics of loops, conditionals and object-oriented constructs, such as classes. You should have or have access to a system that runs Python 3 (any version).