Complete Book for Learning better and faster contains Introduction to Desktop Publishing, Working with Windows 7/8, Getting Started with MS Word 2010, Editing the Document, Using Styles in Word Document, Introducing InDesign CS5/6, Working with Text, Working with Drawing Tools and Objects, Publishing the Document, Getting Started with Photoshop CS5/6, Working with Images and Selections, Drawing, Painting and Retouching Tools, Layers in Photoshop CS5/6, Working with Video and Animation, Introduction to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5/6, Working with Lines, Working with Objects, Working with Text, Working with Bitmaps, Introduction to Illustrator CS5/6, Working with Drawing Tools, Introduction to Dreamweaver CS5, Working with Web Pages Text, Creating Tables, Frame and Framesets, Introduction to JavaScript , Event Handling, Working with Web Page using JavaScript, Working with