Software development is a two-step process: 1. Solve the problem logically, and 2. Translate the logic into syntax of a programming language. First step is very helpful in developing our logical capacity. The second step is about remembering the language syntax and knowing its use. A good artisan should be adroit in using his tools. But it is his creative thinking, and not the usage of his tools, that makes him a good artisan. Similarly, a good coder should know how to use a programming language, but his problem-solving abilities and logical capacity makes him a good programmer. In most advanced programming languages, you first go thru the tiring installations, acclimatize yourself with nuances of the IDE and remember complex syntaxes, before you can write your first program. Many students lose their interest in software development because of this infrastructure work and never experience the magic! Scratch programming, on the other hand, has a bare-minimum syntax and is very easy to start. This book is an attempt to enhance our logical abilities using Scratch as a tool.

Key Features

  • Book shows how Scratch platform can be useful in not just getting started on programming, but also in brain development and logic building.
  • Book covers the entire Scratch programming with a lot of examples from different areas.
  • Strengthens the foundations, as detailed explanation of programming language concepts are given.
  • Lists down all the important points that you need to know related to various topics in an organized manner.
  • Prepares you for coding related interview and theoretical questions.
  • Provides In depth explanation of complex topics and Questions.

  • What will you learn

  • Understand what is Scratch, who should use it, what all can be done with Scratch.
  • Create and execute your first scratch project.
  • To play sounds and to make your actors dance in a project
  • Programming tool to simulate decision making.

  • Who this book is for

    K12 students should read it to enhance their brain-power. Parent should read it to help your children. Teachers should read it to develop educational aids. Student of computer science should pick this book to learn about all programming constructs, and also get introduced to many computer science concepts like Multi-threading. It is a small book, but there is something for everyone in this book