This book gives you an insight into the journey that your code goes through and best practical at each stage. You will find this book useful even if you are coding in other language because many of the programming concepts explained are independent of any language. C language is mostly prefer during interviews because it is a very lightweight and easy to use, and in almost all cases the interviewer also knows C language, so it acts as a common language of technical communication. The memory layout of a C program can be demonstrated easily and understanding the internals of C language helps in comprehending other high-level languages better because the concepts and terminology remain the same. In most case, you are not allowed to use the advance language libraries. When an interviewer asks you to implement a thread-safe queue, you are expected to give your own implementation of the queue and not use any queue Class present in Java or C++ library

Key features

 Book allows you to focus on the solution logic without unnecessary clutter of Class and object definitions. - It provides flexibility to demonstrate your memory management skills and allows implementing everything required using data structure and algorithms. Toc: - The underlay - operators and statements - pointers and memory - advances data types - functions and file handling - bit twiddling - left over.