Books Covers: 
Sketching, Solid Modeling, Direct Editing, Basics pf Engineering Drawing, Assembly Design, Surface Design, Rendering, Animation, Drafting, Sculpting, Mesh Design, Milling Tool-paths, Turning Tool-paths, Simulation, 3D PDF, 3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing), and Drawing with details of Geometric Tolerance.
Salient Features 
  • Every topic is discussed in the form of tutorials with adequate examples
  • Enriched with more than 1500 snapshots and images
  • Every Topics starts with foundation knowledge required to use the tool
  • Engineering explanation of topics like GD&T, Stress Analysis, 3D Printing etc, is given
  • Practical and Practice questions are given throughout the book
Resources with the book
  • Part files used in Practical and Practice Questions
  • Video Tutorials on demand
  • Free Projects to download and practice
  • Free Online Training Demo on demand