C is what the world is breathing today. And books on C are filling book shelves like believers converging on a holy bank, but here’s a pilgrimage that’s a different kind of voyage.The C odyssey.Written in a easy, riveting and readable style, the book touches heights that few have reached and offers insights that nobody has divined.  

The C odyssey is for those who’d like to learn C and for those who have learnt C. Garnished with small programs, followed by in-depth explanations, the journey takes the beginner by the hand, breaking him into the mold, taking him up to a point, and letting him free to explore on his own.The platform covered is wide and diverse.From C under dos to C under unix, Windows,OS/2, and its interfaces with networking and relational databases.  

The Odyssey has a seven stop itinerary. Unserialized and district, but threaded by him silken bonds to each other.The saga is a lengthy one, through lands that have been visited separately before.Speaking the same language from different podiums, they abet an undisrupted flow of thought.