Electronics Equipment are now a part of our day to day life. Be it our home, hospitals, hotels, schools, colleges every where we have electronics equipment lying around.

This book explains in simple language the principles of basic electronics, common electronics components and their applications in maintenance of day to day appliances. It explain the basic working principles of common domestic appliances which are found in any home and how to repair them. The domestic appliances that have been covered are power supplies, Washing Machines, Steam Iron, Rice Cookers, Microwave Ovens, Electric Kettles and Mixers Grinders.

This book is as per Modular Employable Skills scheme of Director General of training under skill Development Ministry and covers the full syllabus of Module ELC 701- Repair and Maintenance of Domestic Electronics Appliances. This book covers Theory as well as practical exercises required as per the course module.

The book also has a question bank and the pattern of sample papers that forms a part of the assessment process. This book will be quite useful also for the Electronics hobbyist who to acquire basic electronics knowledge and learn its practical applications.

This book also covers the syllabus of field technician: UPS and Inverter as per NOS of Electronics Sector Skill Council.