This book helps you to improve your employability and job market so that you can sprint towards a rewarding career in the area of databases. . You will learn PL/SQL starting from fundamentals to advanced level. The detailed description of Cursors will enable you to write professional codes using Cursors in PL/SQL. You will learn how to raise exceptions when errors are encountered, create Triggers before/after a DML operation, create Functions /Procedures and packages.. By the end of the book, you will be able to use collections and also write advanced PL/SQL blocks using database tables with ease.


Mastering PL/SQL using various database tables

Key Features

  • Creating  PL/SQL blocks using database tables.

  • Cursors and Cursor For loops.

  • Functions and Procedures in PL/SQL.

  • Triggers and Packages.

  • Exceptions in PL/SQL.

  • Collections and its methods.

What Will You Learn 

  • Get an overview of Control Structures and Loops  in PL/SQL.

  • Understand the working of Cursors and Cursor FOR LOOPS.

  • Learn how to create triggers, packages, functions and procedures in PL/SQL.

  • Learn how to handle  errors by raising Exceptions.

  • Learn how to use  Collections in PL/SQL.

Who This Book is For

This book is for those who want to learn PL/SQL and its applications in depth. It is also best suited for professionals looking to pursue a career in the area of databases as a Database Administrator /Developer.