(Instructors Guide-Featuring Lecture Notes, Model Answers, Quizzes and other Resources )  
Table Of Contents:
Part 1: Learning Vista Basics    
Chapter 1: Working with the Vista Desktop    
Chapter 2: Working with Disks and Other Removable Media    
Chapter 3: Learning about Files and Folders    
Chapter 4: Organizing and Protecting Information    
Chapter 5: Using Vista programs    
Chapter 6: Customizing the Desktop  
Part 2: Using the Internet and Multimedia with Vista    
Chapter 7: Browsing with Internet Explorer    
Chapter 8: Ensuring Your Safety and Privacy on the Internet    
Chapter 9: Using Windows Mail    
Chapter 10: Working with Digital Photographs and Music  
Part 3: Basic Networking and System Maintenance    
Chapter 11: Using your System on a Network    
Chapter 12: Maintaining Your System    
Chapter 13: Adding Software and Hardware  
Part 4: Power Computing Topics    
Chapter 14: Troubleshooting and Repairing Your System    
Chapter 15: Securing and Monitoring Your System    
Chapter 16: Sharing Information On and Off the Road