AutoCAD 2021 for Engineers and Designers- 3D and Advanced textbook introduces the readers to AutoCAD 2021, one of the world’s leading designing and drafting packages. In this textbook, the author has explained the concepts, tools, and commands in detail with the help of examples. The author has laid special emphasis on the applications of books and commands to create 3D objects. The chapters in the textbook are structured in pedagogical sequence that helps the readers to understand the concepts faster and learn the capabilities of the software easily and effectively.


Learn the most popular PC-CAD system


  • Tutorial point of view and the learn-by-doing approach
  • Projects based on real-world models
  • Exercises which are based on real-world models
  • Additional information is provided to the users in the form of tips and notes
  • The text in this book is heavily illustrated with about 1500 diagrams and screen capture images
  • Self-evaluation test, review questions, and exercises


Textbook contains detailed explanations of AutoCAD commands and their applications to solve design problems. Every AutoCAD command is thoroughly explained with the help of examples and illustrations. This makes it easy for the users to understand the functions and applications of the tools and commands.


Textbook have been written to assist the engineering students and the practicing designers who are new to AutoCAD.