Part A explains the communication process, self-management and its Skills, Information and Communication Technology, tools, and the role of ICT. The book further defines usage of employability skills in a person's life by defining business, entrepreneur skills, categorization of environment and ecosystem. Employability skills are useful as they are transferable; a person can adapt them to whichever situation they find themselves in. 

Part B excites the learners to explore and get motivated about Artificial Intelligence applications in their daily lives. The curriculum basically focuses on introduction of AI terminologies, its applications, AI project cycle and AI ethics in class 8 and 9. The early chapters review the content knowledge learnt so far. The book further progresses by a quick revision of Python concepts explored in class 9. The student is aided further to build concepts and be able to understand Advance python which includes Algorithm and flowchart, Jupyter notebook. The Python concepts taught help students to focus on various techniques  used to make the machine intelligent through various domains of AI; Data Science, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing. 

Part C consists of a sample project using computer vision.

Part D consists of CBSE Sample Question Paper and 2 Sample Papers 


A pedagogical approach to skill-based learning about Artificial Intelligence


  • Build the concept of Artificial Intelligence by experiencing how to scope a problem and make informed decisions based on data trends.
  • List the potential considerations surrounding Artificial Intelligence ethics.
  • Developing key competencies of innovativeness, discipline, social responsibilities, communication and ethics.


The objective is to explain the impact of AI by formulating strategies to design a model solution by using decision trees and system maps. You will be able to cognize the concept of Neural Network through gamification activities and learn the basic programming skills through gamified platforms. Students will know how to create different graphs and charts using python modules and will be able to relate different modules of python and build your projects using codes.


The book is intended for anyone looking for a basic concept of Artificial Intelligence or starting to know about Artificial Intelligence, three strands of Artificial Intelligence and to start with python coding for data science and computer vision.  The book will also help the learner develop and learn basic programming skills using Python Language.