Chapter 1. Introduction to Computer

Chapter 2. Operating System - MS-DOS

Chapter 3. Introduction to Windows

Chapter 4. Introduction to MS Office 2007

Part I (Word)

Part II (Excel)

Part III (PowerPoint)

Chapter 5. PageMaker 7

Chapter 6. CorelDRAW X4

Chapter 7. Photoshop CS5

Chapter 8. Basics of Web page Development, HTML, Internet, etc.

Chapter 9. FrontPage 2000

Chapter 10. PhotDRAW 2000

Chapter 11. Introduction to Digital Camera and Peripherals

Chapter 12. Photography Technique

Chapter 13. Handling of Digital Camera and Allied Equipments

Chapter 14. Techniques of Digital Photography  with hands-on Training

Chapter 15. Digital Document Preparation

Appendix A: Personal Computer from Inside

Appendix B: Google Knows Everything 283

Appendix C: WWW and Websites

Appendix D: Local Area Network

Appendix E: How Wi-Fi Works

Appendix F: Social Networking 287