1. Understanding Cloud Computing Concepts
  2. Concepts and Design Principles of Cloud Security
  3. Evaluating Cloud Service Providers
  4. Discover, Classify, and Manage Cloud Data
  5. Cloud Storage Architectures and their Security Technologies
  6. Cloud Infrastructure and Components
  7. Datacenter Security
  8. Risk Management in the Cloud
  9. Cloud Security Controls
  10. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  11. Secure Development, Awareness, and Training
  12. Security Testing and Software Verification
  13. Specifics of Cloud Security Architecture
  14. Identity and Access Management
  15. Infrastructure Security
  16. Secure Configuration
  17. Security Operations
  18. Legal and Regulatory Requirements in the Cloud
  19. Privacy
  20. Cloud Auditing and Enterprise Risk Management
  21. Contracts and the Cloud
  22. Duties of a CCSP
  23. Exam Tips
  24. Exam Questions