1. Introduction to AutoCAD
2. Getting Started with AutoCAD
3. Getting Started with Advanced Sketching
4. Working with Drawing Aids
5. Editing Sketched Objects-I
6. Editing Sketched Objects-II
7. Creating Texts and Tables
8. Basic Dimensioning, Geometric Dimensioning, and Tolerancing
9. Editing Dimensions
10. Dimension Styles, Multileader Styles, and System Variables
11. Hatching Drawings
12. Model Space Viewports, Paper Space Viewports, and Layouts
13. Plotting Drawings
14. Template Drawings
15. Working with Blocks
16. Defining Block Attributes
17. Conventional Dimensioning and Projection Theory Using AutoCAD
18. Concepts of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
19. Isometric Drawings