1. Transformer Architecture
  2. Hugging Face Ecosystem
  3. Transformer Model in PyTorch
  4. Transfer Learning with PyTorch and Hugging Face
  5. Large Language Models: BERT, GPT-3, and BART
  6. NLP Tasks with Transformers
  7. CV Model Anatomy: ViT, DETR, and DeiT
  8. Computer Vision Tasks with Transformers
  9. Speech Processing Model Anatomy: Whisper, SpeechT5, and Wav2Vec
  10. Speech Tasks with Transformers
  11. Transformer Architecture for Tabular Data Processing
  12. Transformers for Tabular Data Regression and Classification
  13. Multimodal Transformers, Architectures and Applications
  14. Explore Reinforcement Learning for Transformer
  15. Model Export, Serving, and Deployment
  16. Transformer Model Interpretability, and Experimental Visualization
  17. PyTorch Models: Best Practices and Debugging